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AMERICA is not isolated from Scammers.

New Data Shows FTC Received 2.8 Million Fraud Reports from Consumers in 2021. Reported fraud losses increase more than 70 percent over 2020 to more than $5.8 billion

Investing in yourself is never a bad idea.  If COVID-19 show us anything, it showed how valuable our health and freedom is.  Now with Cybercrimes we are being exploited by invisible criminals.  You don’t know if the person next to you in a grocery story is stealing your credit card information.

This is no game.  But with your Donation, the honest proactive citizens will make a difference.  Are you ready to take responsibility for our future? 


With your support these victims, will have a support system like ePublic Safety Foundation to help Prevent Online Crimes.  Each member of ePSF brings power to our network to outnumber the Cybercriminals.

Through education, transparency and technology we can learn not to fall into isolation trap the scammers use to rob us every day.  We appreciate your Donation being matched with a commitment to join and enhance our network. 

Could your Government Officials find value in ePublic Safety Foundation?  Let us know.

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